WACK: Brazilian U-17 Team Gets Crushed By USA, Refuses To Play For Final 4 Minutes

  • Jake O'Donnell

It used to be that FIFA was like soccer. Now soccer is beginning to look like the video game, because people are doing the real-life equivalent of throwing their controllers at the television when they lose. The Brazilian U-17 team went down 4-1 to the American side in a friendly match in Florida on Friday, got pissed (because they’re supposed to be the best and apparently are complete b****s), accumulated two red cards, and stopped playing.

In sports, there’s always a lesson to be learned. That’s kind of the reason they exist — a teaching tool for life’s greater problems. Here we find that, when Brazilian youth are faced with adversity, they get petulant and blame the refs and quit (no word on whether the directive to stop playing came from the coach). An all-time low.