Kickballer Goes Parkour For A Walk-Off Win

  • Evan Sporer

And the crowd of nine goes crazy! They are all on their feet! The family of four enjoying a picnic in the park is minorly inconvenienced by the small amount of noise being made!

Seriously though, if you’re going to make a kickball video go viral, this is how you do it. Has all the elements needed to turn your favorite fourth-grade recess activity into an Internet sensation. The drama of a late-inning close game. The heroics of the baserunner who evades the peg. The, “Oh shit,” exclamation of his teammate/camera man. The loud, irrational, “HOW COULD YOU NOT SEE THAT,” argument from the… green team. This video is just riddled with intrigue. The super slow-mo at the end really shows how close the play was. Call could have gone either way. That’s just what makes this sport so tough, and competitive.

I also don’t think I’ve ever seen a group of grown men so angry over losing in kickball. Is this a money league? Or did the blue team just advance to the Kickball World Series or something? I really thought that umpire was going to get his ass kicked. He just stood there and took it like a champ. Good job, zebra.

Also, I guess parkour is legal in kickball? Like, I don’t think that move would work in baseball, right? Especially because he picks up the base that’s clearly not hammered into the dirt. I don’t even know if that’s kosher in Steal the Bacon. In the world of ball-related sports that involve bases and tag-outs, I think kickball is the only one in which this would fly.

[Via Deadspin]