Want To Skirt That $64.99 Pay-Per-View Fee For The Flyod Mayweather/Canelo Alvarez Fight? Good Luck…

  • Jake O'Donnell

It’s no secret that tomorrow night’s Floyd Mayweather/Canelo Alvarez fight will be a money pit. When everything is all said and done, estimates are that over $200M will have been earned through Pay-Per-View, and God knows how much through secondary market fees and mark ups. But if you’re like, well, every man on Earth, you’ll be looking to catch this one on the cheap — if not for free.

Good luck.

When this much money is on the line, don’t be surprised if good ol’ fashioned Firstrowsports-streaming is more complicated than usual.

Via My Desert.com: Not when it has the highest paid athlete in the country it isn’t. Mayweather will make at least $41.5 million for the 12-round bout, bringing his salary this year to $73 million in two fights. Alvarez, the red-headed star from Mexico, won’t do too badly himself, with a $5 million guarantee and a chance to make double that if the fight is a big hit.

Here are your other choices for seeing the fight:

The Boringest Option
Buy it on Pay-Per-View: At $64.99 a pop, and $74.95 if you want to watch in HD, this option is prohibitively expensive for what will be at most, an hour of TV you actually want to watch. Maybe go in with some friends, and split it a few ways — but who knows who’ll show up, leaving you stuck with the bill. This is the most obvious choice, and at the end of the day, who wants to have people over to their house and have to charge them at the door. Also, it’s still going to be Saturday night, so sticking around your apartment, waiting for the main event will be boring.

The Easiest Option
Watch it at a bar: Kent Ale House in Williamsburg has a $20 cover for the fight, which is on the low end considering they won’t have a drink minimum or require you to buy a table. Don’t expect anything much cheaper than this (unless you’re a lady, in which case, higher end sports bars will charge around $10, or half the admission price for guys). This way, you get to actually have a Saturday night, and still catch the fight.

The Least Likely Baller Option
Go to the fight at the MGM Grand: Tickets to the fight on Stubhub range anywhere from $1,550 in the nosebleeds, all the way to $35,000 for prime floor seats. But that doesn’t include airfare, food, drinks, strip club bills, bail, and a lawyer for when you get arrested for fighting Suge Knight’s house keeper.

The Slightly More Plausible Baller Option
A private room at some swanky upscale lounge. At the 40/40 Club will run you upwards of $5,000 — though that does not include food and alcohol. Definitely the most fun you’ll have watching the fight, but it’ll set you back three years in rent. Imagine trying to ask your friends to chip in on this one? (On the real, though, we suggest going to one of these places, paying the cover, and then sneaking into the private rooms using your suave, James Bond-swag and good looks. We always say “we’re with Joel.” Works 50% of the time.)

A Pretty Damn Cool Option But You Won’t End Up Doing It
Regal Cinemas is showing the fight for $23. Ya, you can watch it in a movie theater. All three and a half hours of it. It’s actually a pretty good deal if you’re a big boxing fan, love popcorn, and don’t want to drink. (Most places are selling out fast, so act fast if you’re trying to get a seat.)

The Best Option
Your local barbershop. These guys have been watching boxing their entire lives, and have a tried and true system for recouping the cost of Pay-Per-View events: Charge 20 people $5. They spend all week advertising to their customers, so there’s no risk you’ll be smacked with a bill for half the cost of the fight because no one shows up. For example, Ben’s Phresh Kutz in Rock Falls, Illinois has this on their Facebook page: