WARNING: Jon Jones Was Beating Chael Sonnen So Hard His Own Toe Snapped In Half (VINE VIDEO)

  • Jake O'Donnell

UFC 159: Jon “Bones” Jones (18-1) did everyone a favor and whupped Chael Sonnen’s butt last night at The Prudential Center. So why was he in the hospital last night? You’re about to find out. WARNING: before you scroll down any further, prepare yourself for some serious stuff. This is your last chance to stop before you see something that you will remember for a long, long time.

4:33 seconds into the first round, the ref stepped in and basically said “just stop beating the crap out of him.” Very lopsided fight resulting in a TKO for Jones, who defended his light heavyweight title for the 5th time. But Bones didn’t come away completely unscathed. He broke his big toe PUSHING SO HARD AGAINST THE MAT THAT IT JUST SNAPPED.

Brute force.

In case you aren’t familiar, Chael Sonnen “is the definition of a mental midget,” as Jon Jones puts it. Even outside the realm of fight promotion, he’s a bit of a dufus. Watch him awkwardly grab at Sportcenter anchor Sage Steele’s hair. “That’s real hair people, and it’s very soft, I might add,” he obnoxiously remarked. Though his completely inappropriate lack of respect is clear, what’s unclear is why she was cool with it. Luckily, Jones came out swinging and proved why he’s the best in the world.


Jones brought the heat with a devastating knee to the chest, after immediately sending Sonnen to the ground to be pummeled by his trademark elbows. All while his toe was hanging off his foot. Insane. In case you haven’t puked yet, here’s the toe in a still frame.

Photos via Jon Jones’s Twitter