Algeria Gets First World Cup Win Since 1982: 4-2 Over Korea

  • Rick Chandler

Fun fact: South Korea has had 10 national team coaches in the past nine years. Believe it or not, this match still matters in Group H: Korea earned a 1-1 draw with Russia in its first match, while Algeria lost 2-1 to Belgium. Both teams are better than expected, both are good at the counter-attack, and this could be interesting.

Watch Korea vs Algeria live streaming here:

Keep up with the action on the official Twitter hashtag of Korea-Algeria:


Koo makes it, rather unbelievability, a game again:

Brahimi makes it 4-1 for Algeria, and if that doesn’t take the wind out of Korea’s sails, nothing will.

Well that answers that question about quitting. Nifty goal by Korea’s Son.

Djabou scores in the 38th minute, making it 3-0 Algeria:

Oh my: Rafik Halliche at 27 minutes. 2-0 Algeria.

Algeria’s Islam Slimani breaks the scoreless tie:


Obligatory TV comment on too much celebrating at halftime.