Watch Lindsey Vonn Piss Off Tiger By Putting A Live Squirrel On His Back During The President’s Cup

  • Jake O'Donnell

“Honey, not now, plea…is it on my back? If I turn around and there’s a squirrel on my back, I’m going to OUCH HOLY SHIT THAT THING HAS CLAWS GET IT THE HELL OFF ME.”

— Dramatization of Tiger Woods’ Reaction to Lindsey Vonn playfully putting Davis Love III’s squirrel “Sammy” on his neck during the first round of the President’s Cup.

After discovering that she’s been at every single major tournament to support Tiger, one has to think she’s, um, getting on his nerves a bit by now. Unwanted rodent pranks an all.

Up until this point, Tiger looked like he was having a lot of fun.