WATCH: Tiger Woods Drops Some F Bombs At British Open

  • Dan Fogarty

Tiger Woods, who finished a disappointing 18th place yesterday at the British Open, was heard dropping F bombs following a missed putt on the 13th hole. Well, at least that aspect of Tiger’s game hasn’t changed? Right? High-five! Am I right?

Anyway, much has been made of Woods’ lack of composure on the course, and for some reason the fact that he found himself in the middle of a sex scandal means that he can’t curse anymore when he’s paying golf. The British media ragged on him throughout the week, asking him outright if he planned swearing during the Open (to which Tiger responded with his trademark staredown and icey cold “thank you”).

It’s a bit unfair. I know it’s taboo to use “unfair” and “Tiger Woods” in the same sentence, and I understand the necessity of tact on a course as historically significant as St. Andrews, but come on: it’s golf. And in case you didn’t know, golf is very frustrating. So don’t hate on Tiger too much when he does stuff like this:

[Tiger Woods Drops F-Bombs After Missing a Putt at the Windy British Open] The Big Lead