Watch UFC Sex Symbol Ronda Rousey Shoot Down A Fan Who Asks Her A Loud Question About Her Sex Life

  • Jake O'Donnell

It goes without saying, but sports fans can be exceedingly dumb. However, to insult the Women’s Bantamweight Champion with an obviously inappropriate question about her sex life in front of other people is a terrible idea. Why? Because if she doesn’t punch you, everyone else there will. What was the question you ask? Something along the lines of, “How many times do you have sex before a fight?”


We will admit Rousey probably shouldn’t have rabbit ears when she’s doing an outreach media event in New York. We will also admit that we don’t really know the context of the question, which could have been said by a weirdo with a microphone. In that case, she has to respond. If it’s just a dude in the crowd trying to get an autograph, she should just ignore him and let the guy she has sex with take care of him. Right?

And though it may be nice to imagine Maxim’s 29th Hottest Woman indulging in a little shin-shee shin-shee before beating up a competitor, it may be best not to pry further for details. In all honesty, the only way to find out if what Ronda Rousey’s sex life is like is to become a part of it.

Next time bring flowers. Or get her crudely tattooed on your fat arm.

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