Watch Ukranian Parliament Erupt Into Fisticuffs On Vitali Klitschko’s First Day

  • Jordan Rabinowitz

If you thought things were tense in Congress, think again. The fiscal cliff has nothing on the violence-, corruption-riddled political system in Ukraine, where in its legislature’s first day of a new session, a fist-fight, including crotch shots aplenty, broke out on the parliament floor. Present was legendary heavyweight Vitali Klitscko who was assuming his first day in parliament.

Unlucky for Klitschko’s UDAR party, he cleverly sat out any and all fighting. Seems like it would’ve been an unfair fight if the only former heavyweight boxer in the room took part. But Klitschko wants to let his beliefs and words do the fighting. He’s an advocate for less corruption and more transparency in Ukraine’s political process.

Fixing that corruption might take a while, but the whole transparency thing looks like it’s coming along nicely. For example, now we know members of Ukrainian parliament break out into brawls whenever there’s a disagreement.

[The Big Lead, Getty Images]