Wayne Rooney's First Ever World Cup Goal Was Also One Of The Easiest You'll See

  • Eric Goldschein

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It took playing in three separate World Cups, the equivalent of four full matches and hundreds of minutes, but Wayne Rooney finally got a World Cup goal under his belt, mostly thanks to some incredible play from his teammates.

Rooney is one of England’s best player and one of the best scorers in the Premier League, but he’s been something of a disappointment on the World Cup stage. It looked like he was going to go another match without scoring before he finally slotted home an easy ball against Uruguay in the 75th minute. It was set up by some incredible touches along the sideline by Daniel Sturridge and a perfect pass by Glen Johnson:

Right place, right time situation. Still, a goal’s a goal. This came after several excellent chances that Rooney couldn’t convert. Watch them all here.

England badly needed the goal at the time, down 1-0 after a Luis Suarez goal. Unfortunately, Suarez scored again 10 minutes later. Can Rooney match him? [UPDATE: Nope. England loses 2-1 and are almost definitely not moving on to the next round.]

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