The Passion Of The Fans In Seattle Last Night Will Make You Love American Soccer

  • Eric Goldschein

I know, I know, most of you could care less about soccer. But if you don’t feel a generous swelling of pride when you listen to the USA fans in Seattle chanting “We are going to Brazil!” during last night’s World Cup qualifier against Panama, then you’re just a jerk. It’s not an exaggeration to say this was the best support I’ve ever seen for a USA match.

Seattle is known to have some of the best sports fans in America — the Sounders of the MLS and the Seahawks of the NFL both have arguably the loudest stadiums in their respective leagues. It seems many of those same fans showed out in force last night, and they brought their awesome soccer chants with them.

Seattle, it’s not as if you didn’t deserve your basketball team before — it was BS when the Sonics were taken from you. But you proved in a single evening why Seattle needs their pro basketball again. As many sporting events as possible to take place in that city. Just incredible.

By the way, we’re not guaranteed a spot in Brazil at this point, but we’re pretty close. Jurgen Klinsmann’s crew is rounding into form at the right time.

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