We Can’t Stop Watching This GoPro Video Of Sochi Olympic Ski Jumper Anders Jacobsen

  • Jake O'Donnell

From time to time, Norwegian ski jump stud* Anders Jacobsen lets the internet stare at his face while he causally launches himself upwards of 750 feet into the frosty air. That’s not a made up number, that’s a U.S. customary conversion of his personal record of 230.5 meters (or metres, if you will). The physics of such a jump are confusing enough, but the real question is how the footage was taken. As in, where was this GoPro attached, and to what, how…when…why…WE’RE GONNA NEED SOME ANSWERS BECAUSE THIS VIDEO HAS SHAKEN THE VERY CORE OF OUR UNDERSTANDING OF THE UNIVERSE.

Ok, maybe that’s an overstatement, but still, that’s a goddamn nifty way to capture a ski jump. All we could gather, was that this was a new model of the revolutionary video camera — but nothing is said about the creature that is flying in front of him, holding it.

(*Ski jumper studs are real, and they’re stealing your girlfriend while you’re reading this.)