We Welcome Our New Bicycle Overlord

  • Rick Chandler

Fifteen-foot-high bicycle? No helmet? No knee pads? The slightest nudge sending the rider plummeting horribly to the asphalt below? I see no way this can end badly.

Richie Trimble is the inventor of the “Stoopid Tall” bike, which he is seen here riding around Los Angeles, near Venice Beach. Let me just beat the rush and say, you will be missed, Richie Trimble.

So far though, only minor injuries. LA Street Blog:

Stoopid Tall worked great for twenty miles, Richie goes on to tell me that on his way home a master link in bike chain came loose, falling out, breaking the chain, losing his ability to pedal as well as the coaster brake. “This is exactly what I didn’t want to happen!” Seeing a telephone pole, he reached for it, the bike going out from under him, he Tarzan hugs the pole, a twelve foot drop, slamming his feet on the ground, suffering minor bruising on the pad of his heel and spraining his left ankle – the bike landing safely on a fence. “But, man, it was so worth it! There was an uncountable amount of smiles that day. I will sprain my ankle every day for smiles!”

Actually Premium Rush might have been a watchable movie if Joseph Gordon-Levitt had been riding this.