NFL Power Rankings Week 9: Your Team Is Either Good Or Bad And There’s Nothing You Can Do About It

  • Eric Goldschein

power rankings

Week 8 is in the books, so you know what that means: Week 9 is here. Usually, Matt Rudnitsky concocts a secret formula for the power rankings based on betting odds, the angle of the sun that day, how gassy he’s feeling and a brief examination of tarot cards. Matt is off this week, so the job has fallen to me.

Here’s how my power rankings work: I look at each team. I rank them. Call it a gut feeling combined with the eyeball test, with a dash of common sense. Sometimes, a team with a bad record is ranked higher than a team with a slighty-less-bad record. That’s how power rankings work. If you are going to complain because the Dan Synders are ranked higher than the Eagles, go look at the official standings.

Some teams have risen (see: the Chiefs, the Lions). Some have fallen (see: the Steelers, the Dolphins). Some have stayed the same. After Week 9, all will be revealed, I’m sure. Let’s get to it: