Weekly Fantasy Football Strategy On Fantasy Feud: How To Build The Perfect Lineup

Last week we delved into some basic bankroll management strategies and I plan on expanding that series, but I think we need to discuss how to build a roster this week.  More specifically we are going to look at how to build a successful head to head / double up lineup. A lot of new players jump into weekly fantasy football and lose all their money chasing the “millions”, but the smart player builds their bankroll through head to head and double ups.

One of the things that I see a lot for season long leagues is how to allocate your budget especially for baseball (hitting vs pitching), but I have yet to see this for the daily fantasy sports games, so let’s take a stab at it this week along with some other basic strategies.

Let’s talk about Fantasy Feud’s roster composition first.

You have a $1,000,000 salary cap with 10 roster spots – QB, QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, TE, FLEX, FLEX, D/ST.

With 10 positions, you can figure $100,000 average spent per position of course you will want to spend more at QB, RB, and WR, while saving money at FLEX, TE, and D/ST.

QB –  Minimum Salary $50,000  Maximum Salary $190,000

RB –  Minimum Salary  $30,000 Maximum Salary $185,000

WR – Minimum Salary $25,000  Maximum Salary $158,000

TE –   Minimum Salary $25,000 Maximium Salary $135,000

D/ST- Minimum Salary $40,000 Maximum Salary $117,000

% Allocation by Position

QB-Suggested Allocation is 25-35% of your cap

RB-Suggested Allocation is 20-30% of your cap

WR-Suggested Allocation is 15-25% of your cap

TE-Suggested Allocation is 7-10% of your cap.  If you decide to spend on an elite TE like Jimmy Graham, then you have to consider him like a WR, and shift your allocation downward at the WR position to compensate

FLEX RB and FLEX RB/WR-Suggested Allocation is 15-20%

D/ST-Suggested Allocation is 6-8%

Playing One Lineup vs. Multiple Lineups

I’m a big advocate for NOT putting all of your eggs in one basket.  My weekly fantasy football strategy has been to play three different lineups per site with no overlap on any players.  I will come up with three solid lineups for my head to head and 50/50 double ups.  Is it wrong to only roll with one lineup? It’s not wrong per se, but you run the risk that if a few players lay an egg, your bankroll will dwindle very quickly.  Look at weekly fantasy football like your investment portfolio.  A successful portfolio has a diversified mix of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, high risk, and low risk to balance everything out.

Figure out who are your top plays of the week at each position, along with your mid-tier plays, and most importantly – value plays. Value plays develop because of several reasons – player is promoted to a starting position due to performance, injury, or trade. Or the matchup for the week is extremely favorable based on your projection/cost per point.

Projecting Your Team

Head to Head – 50/50 (Double Ups)

Look for steady production from your QB, RB, and WR positions. With these contests I will spend a little more at the TE and D/ST positions because I am trying to minimize my risk and build the best roster I can with FLOOR in mind, not CEILING.

Target Score – 125-150 points, 1.25-1.50 points needed per $1,000 spent.

QB – Top 12 average salary in Week 3 ($165,000).

An example of a nice QB combo for this format would have been Drew Brees ($166,100) and Matthew Stafford ($157,200). Both are in passing offenses and have been two of the most consistent weekly perfomers at the position. At the projected ROI multiplier, we only need

20-24 points (or combined total of 45-50 pts) from both which was reasonable to expect especially with Stafford going against a porous Redskins defense. What constitutes a 20-24 point game? 300 yards passing, 2 TDs is usually baseline to shoot for.  If you have a running QB, you can reduce the passing yards to 250 and add in 35-50 yards passing.

RB – Top 12 average salary in Week 3 ($135,000)

An example of a nice RB combo for this format would have been LeSean McCoy ($143,900) and Matt Forte ($126,000). Both are huge parts of their respective team’s offense and they catch the ball which is becoming even more important this year with rushing yards production down across the board. With the RB’s you are looking to get 120 total yards, and 1 TD (18 points). You can reduce the total yards slightly to account for receptions, but I’m very conservative in this area and stick with 2-4 as my projection.

WR – Top 24 average salary in Week 3 ($127,000)

An example of a nice WR combo for this format would have been Pierre Garcon ($111,300) and Julian Edelman ($111,500). Garcon is the ceiling play, while Edelman is the floor play balancing out the risk. You never want to take two ceiling guys in this spot (i.e. TY Hilton, Tavon Austin types). Your targets should be 12-16 receptions, 150-200 yards receiving, and hope for 2 TDs from your tandem combined.

TE – Top 12 average salary in Week 3 ($97,000)

The average is skewed because of Jimmy Graham ($125,100), but plays in this range would have been Antonio Gates, Brandon Myers, Tony Gonzalez, Jordan Cameron who ranged in the $75,000 – $85,000 salary. The TE targets are 5 receptions, 60 yards, and 1 TD.

FLEX RB – Value play that projects in the Top 24 RBs ($60,000-$90,000)

Joique Bell, Bernard Pierce, Jason Snelling, Bilal Powell were all players that were projected in the Top 24 RBs this week, and fell into that salary range. Note most of these players’ value was tied to the starter being injured and opportunity knocking. You need to find these opportunities every week for your flex plays.

FLEX RB/WR – Value play that projects in the Top 24 WRs ($60,000-$90,000)

Depending on where the value lies from week to week, is where you want to go here. There was a ton of RB value, but I look for WRs that are inheriting an increased role or have a favorable matchup. Players in this range would be Antonio Brown, Dwayne Bowe, Andre Roberts, and Chris Givens. I like to focus on players who get a lot of targets because it allows you to hit your ceiling goal.

D/ST – 6th ranked – 12th ranked average salary in Week 3 ($65,000)

I usually don’t even consider any defense in the top 5 because the price is too high vs. the volatility.

Some D/ST to target in Week 3 would have been the Buffalo Bills or the New Orleans Saints.

You want to look for teams that are playing weak quarterback play and have a one dimensional offense.  This allows the defense to focus on taking away one area and thus forcing the team into uncomfortable situations. Creating turnovers and potential scoring opportunities are key.

The goal with defense if you hope for 8-12 points.  Racking up 2-4 sacks, 1-2 INT/FR and allowing less than 17 points should put you in good ROI on your D/ST.  Getting a TD should never be counted on, and is a bonus.

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