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We talked about the different types of strategy on the RotoExperts’ in the Morning Radio show on the Sirius XM Fantasy Sports Channel Tuesday. Dr Roto brought up an interesting point, and that was can you win with two cheap quarterbacks? My answer was that it was just too risky because you start two QBs and it was not worth the risk to take the potential chance of a guaranteed 40-50 points vs. 10-20 points, while not being able to make that up.

But after seeing how two fantasy football players won the $100,000 Feud of Champions Qualifiers this past week, it got me thinking that it can be done if there is value on cheap QBs that week.  I don’t think this week presents any opportunities due to bye weeks and matchups.

FOC Qualifier Winning Lineup 212.3 pts

(2 Stud QB Strategy)

QB Peyton Manning $190,000-29.08 pts

QB Drew Brees $190,000-32.72 pts

RB Reggie Bush $113,800-25.3 pts

RB Le Veon Bell $66,000-22.4 pts

WR Mike Wallace $80,300-3.9 pts

WR Torrey Smith $85,000-25.1 pts

TE Coby Fleener $44,100-16.2 pts

D Chiefs $84,200-19 pts

FLEX Alshon Jeffrey $58,700-23.9 pts

FLEX Fred Jackson $87,000-14.7 pts

FOC Qualifier Winning Lineup #2 185.9 pts

(2 Cheap QB Strategy)

QB Matt Cassel $50,000-18.42 pts

QB Matt Flynn $85,000-9.48 pts

RB Marshawn Lynch $125,400-19.8 pts

RB Jamaal Charles $145,800-21.2 pts

WR Brandon Marshall $128,000-13.4 pts

WR Dez Bryant $140,500-23.1 pts

TE Tony Gonzalez $69,200-32.9 pts

D Lions $40,000-16 pts

FLEX Trent Richardson $117,200-13.1 pts

FLEX Reggie Wayne $94,200-18.5 pts

Week 5 Lock And Load Lineup-You can play this lineup in any contest format (Head to Head, 50/50 Double Up, Tournaments)







QB 1

Peyton Manning


QB 2

Terrelle Pryor


RB 1

Jamaal Charles


RB 2

Matt Forte


WR 1

Alshon Jeffery


WR 2

Marques Colston



Dallas Clark



New Orleans Saints



Mohamed Sanu



David Wilson


Total Salary



Over/Under ($1M)




Manning-Best play dollar for dollar every week in fantasy, plus gets the Cowboys

Pryor-Ceiling play vs San Diego defense, balance risk with Manning and fits in the $300,000 or so range we like to use for QB salary allocation


Charles-I’m all over stud RB’s that also catch passes and are the first option in the offense

Forte-Same reason for Charles, these RBs have been the most consistent all year and will continue to ride them


Jeffrey-Increased role in Bears’ offense, and the key to WR in weekly salary cap is getting the guys before they break out.

Colston-Speculation play that the Bears look to take away Graham/Sproles, leaving Colston to get the red zone looks. Also, Tillman might not play.


Clark-Have to save some coin after taking Manning with Charles/Forte, and Miam has given up the most fantasy points to TEs.  Also, Clark has gotten a ton of targets the last two weeks. Now it is time to cash in.


Saints-I’ve been using the Saints all year because the price vs. their floor every week dictates it. Their pass rush combined with Cutler’s mistake proneness make this a must play.


Wilson-The bottom has completely fallen out on him, right? This matchup vs. the Eagles should provide some scoring opportunities and at this price I only need 8-10 fantasy points to get the return I need.

Sanu-Same reason why I took Jeffrey this week, I’m buying on a guy who I think is ready to break out in a big way and the value is great enough, where I only need 8-10 points to cash in.

Congratulations to “Trucker John” aka @Truck1223 who beat 727 players and took down the Adam Ronis Challenge contest on Fantasy Feud this past Sunday with a score of .  He will now move on to play the other first place winners for a chance to compete and play against RotoExperts’ own Adam Ronis for $1,000.

His winning lineup rode the Manning train, got value on Cassel, took a stud in Charles, another value play in Woodhead, two studs at WR while pairing a QB/WR, took two value plays on the Colts vs. Jacksonville, Smith’s matchup, and finally the Colts D.

Peyton Manning $190,000-29.08 pts

Matt Cassel $50,000-18.42 pts

Jamaal Charles $145,800-21.2 pts

Danny Woodhead $67,400-23.1 pts

Demaryius Thomas $150,100-25.1 pts

Dez Bryant $140,500-23.1 pts

Coby Fleener $44,100-16.2 pts

Darrius Heyward Bey $48,400-4.8 pts

Torrey Smith $85,000-25.1 pts

Indianapolis Colts $70,000-23 pts

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