A Russian Weightlifter Reportedly Died After Dropping This Weight On His Chest (Video)

  • Dan Fogarty

This video’s tough to watch: 34-year-old Russian powerlifter Igor Golushkin, attempting to bench press just over 400 pounds, dropped the bar on his chest during a competition. The resulting impact reportedly crushed his diaphragm and broke several of his ribs, and he later died from a heart concussion, according to Red Hot Russia. A heart concussion, also known as “commotio cordis,” is the stopping of the heart due to sudden trauma.

This was Golushkin’s first “serious” competition, according to Red Hot Russia. During a training session earlier, the bar had slipped as he tried to bench 350 pounds, but the spotters caught it in time. For some reason, notes The Big Lead, they weren’t as attentive when he moved up in weight.

Video here. Again, it’s tough to watch: Golushkin drops the bar on his chest, and you can see the impact cause some brief (but visible) trauma to his diaphragm and ribs.

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