Welcome To Fight Church: Where Jesus And MMA Collide

  • Eric Goldschein

Are mixed martial arts and total devotion to Jesus Christ compatible? Or, as a line from the trailer puts it: “Can you love your neighbor as yourself, and then at the same time knee him the face as hard as you can?”

You might say, no you cannot knee your neighbor in the face if you love him as yourself. But that’s not what the pastors/trainers at the “Fight Church” tell their congregations and their fighters. It’s a moral issue that has played itself out on much larger scales before (see: The Crusades, The Thirty Years’ War, the Lebanese Civil War, etc).

Here’s the promo trailer for the film, which was directed by Daniel Judge, winner of the 2012 Short Documentary Oscar for “Saving Face.” The man knows how to tackle touchy subjects:

The film’s Kickstarter campaign has already reached its goal, although donations are still being accepted to help cover costs.

America: What’s your (immediate) take on the subject? Is stepping into a boxing ring a test of character, and not an act of violence? Or are these pastors misinterpreting the holy texts they hold so dear?

And whatever your take is on the film’s subject, we should be thankful that this looks like it’ll get off the ground and be released to audiences. It’s a topic that should spark some heated water cooler discussions — and in a world where LeBron James may soon be an NBA champion, we will all collectively need to find something else to use as a punching bag.

h/t Buzzfeed