Well Played, UFC. Jones, Cormier Grapple At Press Conference, In Interviews Afterward

  • Rick Chandler

Any interview that includes the phrase “Now it looks like at one point you threw a shoe. Is that true? …” is an interview full to the brim of potential, in my opinion. You may know that the Jon Jones-Daniel Cormier press conference on Monday devolved into a brawl, in which the two grappled and then fell off the stage at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. The very definition of a melee ensued.

The two then went at it again today in an interview with Fox Sports in the studio in Los Angeles.

The actual UFC fight, by the way, isn’t until Sept. 27.

UFC has issued a statement, calling the brawl “a clear violation of the UFC code of conduct.” But come on, really? While I’m not saying the fight was staged, it was probably, how shall we put it: encouraged?

But UFC says it wasn’t.

It was almost a year ago that Jones, considered the best pound-for-pound UFC fighter in the world, won a controversial unanimous decision over Alexander Gustafsson at UFC 165. Jones was badly cut above the eye during that one, and several stabs at a rematch were attempted, then postponed.

Jones finally ditched all efforts to fight Gustafsson and decided instead to fight Cormier. So, a little hype was in order to make this a fight people wanted to see. What we got is a lot of hype, in which the UFC excels.