Well This Definitely Has A Shot At 'Goal Of The Year'

  • Jake O'Donnell

Preston North End’s Joe Garner isn’t a household name (unless you’re a relative of Joe Garner), and his team isn’t even a Premiership squad. But it seems like players like Garner — against less skilled defenses and goalkeeping — are afforded more opportunities to score ridiculous goals, and have the guts to actually attempt them.

Perhaps in the top division, someone in Garner’s position would have taken the ball down and moved in on goal for a better look, or found a teammate somewhere inside the box. Instead, Garner popped the ball up with his chest, then over a defender, then no-look-volleyed the ball over the keepers head into the opposite side of the goal.

Fulham’s Pajtim Kasami scored a similarly insane goal against Crystal Palace back in October. You can decide which one you like more. Then take a nap (this is a lot of excitement).