Wellcome, Studen-Atheltes! The Colllege Wurld Seriies Haas Beguuun

  • Jake O'Donnell

Spelling sucks, spell checking sucks more, and being corrected for spelling sucks the most (I actually had to look up how to spell “mistake” today). But at some point during the design and/or painting of this dugout, someone should have realized there isn’t a word in the English language with 3 consecutive letters. Unless this is something we aren’t aware of (Colllege? Wherees thhe parrty?) Most likely the dude stenciling it just got in the dredded “L” groove. Once you put down two in a row, you’re already hooked.

We forgive you, because this is funny and a nice change of pace.

H/T Deadspin