We're Not Sure What To Make Of This Dog Wingsuit BASE Jump Video

  • Jake O'Donnell

When Dogs Fly: World’s First Wingsuit BASE Jumping Dog from Dean S. Potter on Vimeo.

Granted, the dog itself isn’t BASE jumping in a wingsuit (so it probably doesn’t really understand what’s happening), and bringing your dog with your for a car ride probably isn’t much different relative to a dogs perspective on physics (“Am I moving?”), but something about putting a small animal in your backpack and jumping off a cliff seems wrong.

It also seems like the dog is happy upon returning to Earth, so it’s hard to actually get mad at anyone for forcing an animal into free-fall. Still, there’s something terrifying when the jumper — world-renowned free climber and BASE jumper Dean Potter — sends the little guy down a zip-line to a narrow rock face high above the clouds.

It’s also worth mentioning that Potter was involved in a recent wingsuit BASE jump incident whereby his friend Sean Leary clipped a rocky outcropping and died. Not to make this a post about the ethics of human-animal interaction, but there is a point where we say “Hey, don’t bring a dog along with you when you’re unnecessarily putting yourself in harm’s way.”

The stunt appears to be sponsored by Adidas. Let us know your thoughts on Potter’s decision to fly with his dog, below.

Screencap via Dean Potter’s Vimeo