We’ve All Been Duped! 6 Reasons This Amazing Baseball Bowling Video Is Fake

  • Jake O'Donnell

There’s guilibility, and then there’s just not knowing the subtle signs of a well doctored fake. Well, this forgery’s not getting by ol’ Sportsgrid! Even though it tricked the geniuses over at Sportscenter (where it cracked the top 10 plays of the week.)

Here’s how we know it’s fake.

1) For starters, the ball’s movement is picked up by the grainy cell phone camera a little too well. This suggests that the ball’s movement was added in post production.

2) There aren’t any other videos of this. Usually, when somebody goes, “Guys, check out this amazing thing I’m about to do,” more than one person pulls out their phone. Have you been to a concert lately? That’s all people do anymore. Film shit on their phones. If this was real, there’d be another video.

3) Who the hell brings baseballs to a bowling alley? “Ya, I just had these in my pocket because I’m a baseball player and that’s what we do. We also wear cups 24-hours a day.”

4) Um, he’s supposed to be an Australian baseball player? Ya, ok. Show me one of those and I’ll introduce you to the Auburn cricket team. (Grant Balfour, Travis Blackley, Peter Moylan, Luke Hughes, and Josh Spence are all Australian. Cough. Thanks Hezzekiah.)

5) Logistically improbable. If you’ve ever been to a bowling alley, you know that these dudes would have been busted after the first “pitch” — because bowlers (and bowling alley owners) are the most vigilant keepers of their solemn domain. I’ve been yelled at for stepping over the line by people five lanes over.

6) Lastly, it’s a ridiculously impossible task to get on your first try. I’m sorry, but you’ve all been duped. Let the light of truth wash over your minds, and forget this viral vid like you did the Ronaldinho crossbar vid, Michael Vick stadium throw, Evan Longoria foul ball save, and LeBron deep jumper promo.