What A Buzzkill: World Cup Fan Who Won Modeling Contract Now In Huge Hunting Controversy

  • Rick Chandler

L’Oreal probably should have vetted her a little more completely. There are a lot of potential beauty product customers out there who are not thrilled that L’Oreal Professionnel’s newest model kills exotic beasts in her spare time. Belgian soccer fan Axelle Despiegelare, 17, was spotted in the crowd during Belgium’s loss to Argentina on Saturday, and was instantly nabbed by the beauty care giant to star in a series of promotional YouTube videos for them. She’s got that girl-next-door quality that companies like L’Oreal covet … but she’s also armed — heavily armed.

As you may know, cosmetics companies and animal rights folks do not exactly get along. There’s the animal testing issue, but having a model actually killing critters with a rifle is kind of a double whammy.

And to make matters worse, the caption from this photo on her Facebook page (which has now been taken down) is kind of crass. Hunting Americans?

Many sources are reporting that Despiegelare has also been signed to a lucrative modeling contract by L’Oreal. But The Independent (UK) says that’s not true.

Anyway: controversy. Is that L’Oreal’s exciting new rose makeup shade, or animal blood? Sydney Morning Herald:

The 17-year-old is already facing the realities of her global image, with a barrage of social media criticisim levelled at her for posting photos of her hunting the Oryx Gazelle in Africa.

“Hunting is not a matter of life or death. It’s much more important than that,” she said on her Facebook page.

L’Oreal, which has come under criticism for testing comestics on animals in China, has been contacted for comment.

The company has not responded so far.

Comments from the London Daily Mail:

Pythia2, London, United Kingdom, 9 minutes ago
Horrible girl .. She needs to be in the Hunger Games, lets see if she would enjoy being hunted.

cmpobanz, Las vegas, United States, 15 minutes ago
L’Oreal and this model should be ashamed of themselves……..would never purchase L’Orela products because of this.

Jake, Pittsburgh, 20 minutes ago
The low self-esteem commenters jealous of this young lady’s good looks will now switch places with the anti-gun/hunting feminists who have just returned from gorging themselves. Continue…

colin-smith, Wirral, United Kingdom, 22 minutes ago
And the gazelle was killed for a photo opportunity? I sense L’Oreal sales will go the same way as the poor animal.

Holly, Bristol, 23 minutes ago
She kills animals for fun. Doesn’t deserve a contract and should be dropped