The World’s First Wheelchair MMA Fights Will Take Place In The UK

  • Dan Fogarty

If you had England in your office pool for “first country to host MMA fights between wheelchair-bound athletes,” congrats. A promotion called Ultimate Cage Fighting Championships will host a series of bouts between wheelchair athletes and amputees in South Yorkshire.

Via Fighters Only:

The fighters will compete on specially-made wheelchairs that are adaptable to various sports such as basketball, football or even as an off-road vehicle for activities such as mountain-biking. Designed by SporTech DSC, they can also be used for both MMA and boxing.

Wheelchair fights actually aren’t a new thing; wheelchair undercards have been taking place at U.S. boxing events for some time, and although we’re not sure how an MMA wheelchair fight will differ from a wheelchair boxing match, we welcome this. Every human should have the ability to beat the crap out of another humans while a bloodthirsty crowd cheers them on.

[h/t Bloody Elbow]