When Can We Expect The Wrestlecast (And Now, Seinfeldcast) Guy To Be On ESPN Or Fox Sports 1?

  • Eric Goldschein

You probably heard about the Adam Lefkoe, the Louisville sportscaster who managed to drop a ton of wrestling references into one segment last week. According to his blog, Lefkoe will try a different theme each week, using crowd-sourcing to gather the references. His newest endeavor is SeinfeldCast, which involves making, you guessed it, Seinfeld jokes. Enjoy, Seinfeld fans.

So here’s the question: When will ESPN and/or Fox Sports 1 try to snatch this guy up? At one point rumors swirled that they two would be fighting over Tim Tebow’s services, but a creative guy like Lefkoe is the real prize. He has the Bristol look, but the Canadian sensibility. Where would he make a better fit? (Answer: The place that offers him the most money.)