When You’re Inches From Scoring A Goal, Don’t Kick The Ball Backwards

  • Dylan Murphy

This level of ineptitude just pulls at the heart strings. When a player flubs so egregiously, it goes beyond pointing and laughing (alright, maybe not totally beyond that point). Here we have Vladimir Jovancic of Tianjen Teda, a Chinese club, mercifully struggling to bury a point blank rebound from an off-the-post shot. Jovancic first flails at the ball with his right foot and whiffs, instead striking the ball with his heel on his leg’s recoil. This causes the ball to redirect off of his left calf and strike the post again.

Oh, but it’s not over – recovering from this horrid gaffe, Jovancic finds himself at odds with the ball once more. This time he connects, except it’s too late: a defender barely deflects the ball, causing it to just carry over the crossbar for a corner kick.

h/t Deadspin