Who Says There’s No Scoring In Soccer? Danish Couple Get It On In Middle Of The Pitch Following 0-0 Draw

  • Rick Chandler

Gentlemen, start your puns.

It’s in the back of the net!

It happened following a scoreless draw between Randers and Brøndby in a Danish Superliga match, when this couple thought everyone had gone home. They were near the center circle, so at least there was no offsides.

101 Great Goals:

Brøndby press officer Mikkel Davidsen reported the incident on his Twitter feed, and an image of the canoodling couple has since been posted online.

Sadly for the couple, club security interrupted the encounter and threw them out of the stadium.

“But the couple … in the centre circle helps the mood,” Bronby spokesman Mikkel Davidsen wrote on Twitter. He said: “We have several eye witnesses.”

In Sweden they would have just thrown the field tarp over them and tuned out the lights.