Why We Love Premier League Soccer, Reason #73: Coaches Headbutting Players

  • Rick Chandler

Imagine Russell Wilson running the ball out of bounds in the NFC Championship Game, shoving Jim Harbaugh out of the way in the process, and Harbaugh responding by head-butting Wilson. OK that doesn’t really work, because one has a very dense and thick protective head covering, and the other is Russell Wilson.

Anyway, observe the gif above, and marvel at all the reasons that Premier League soccer is superior to all other soccer.

Newcastle United beat Hull City 4-1, and the best highlight was Newcastle head coach Alan Pardew headbutting Hull City’s David Meyler as the latter was retrieving the ball in the 73rd minute.

Meyler got a yellow card, and Pardew got a red, and was ejected. When your team is up 3-1 and you’re headbutting opposing players, that’s pretty badass.

By the way, when broadcasters say things like “There’s no place for that in (insert name of sport),” what they really mean is “That’s the most awesome thing I’ve seen this season.”

UPDATE: Pardew was fined £100,000 by Newcastle United, but reportedly will not be fired.