Why Yes, This Is The Grossest Picture In Tennis History

  • Dan Fogarty

We don’t know much about Marcos Baghdatis, the 32-seed who dispatched Andreas Seppi in the second round of Wimbledon on Wednesday, but based on this photo, he has a future as a construction worker if tennis doesn’t work out.

The Cyprus-born Baghdatis launched what can only be described as a high-velocity snot rocket during his match with Seppi, which is funny considering he was playing at Wimbledon, the gold standard in stuffy tennis tournaments.

Also great: the purposely naive caption for this Getty photo.

Marcos Baghdatis reacts as he plays against Italian player Andreas Seppi during the men’s single at the Wimbledon Tennis Championships at the All England Tennis Club, in southwest London on June 22.

My “reaction” to the 4 liters of snot coming out of Baghdatis’ nose: ew, dude.