Wiffle Ball Game At Miniature Replica Of Fenway Park Ends With Most Unbelievably Death-Defying, Game-Winning Catch Possible

  • Jake O'Donnell

Up by three with two out, in the bottom of the seventh (generally the last inning of play for amateur baseball), and a runner on board, and this guy sends one to the deepest part of the park (420ft at the real Fenway, 90ft at this one). What’s most amazing about this catch, is the reaction time. It was over the fence a second after it was hit. And the center fielder was already airborne, halfway on the otherside with the ball in his hand.

The game was part of the 12th annual Travis Roy Wiffle Ball Tournament, which raises money for spinal cord research. They expect over $500,000 to be raised this year.