Will This Move Keep Billy Buffalo Out Of The Mascot Hall of Fame? Quite Possibly

  • Rick Chandler

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There are so many rules being broken here that it’s hard to keep track. So let’s just say that a Buffalo Bills’ mascot launching himself over the offensive line to land on a Pee Wee football quarterback is just wrong on many, many levels. Not sure when this happened, but it popped up on Reddit today and it’s just mesmerizing (No. 40 can hardly believe what he’s seeing). Also:

* Why is the Phillie Phanatic playing defensive end, or football for that matter?

* What’s the deal with the grey bear who has no apparent team affiliation? Is this a mascot pickup team?

* I think I see the Blue Jays’ mascot … so this must have been during one of the Bills’ games in Toronto. No way American laws would allow this.

Anyway, I think we’ve found the next team to make the trip to North Korea. They could take on a squad of communist mascots to celebrate Kim Jong Un’s next birthday, and Billy could give a rambling, drunken interview to CNN.