Win $250 In SportsGrid's Fantasy Battleground Game

  • SportsGrid Staff

SportsGrid has again teamed up with Kountermove to provide a simple, yet challenging game for both WWE and fantasy fans alike. The concept is simple: pick a stable of five wrestlers competing in this Sunday’s Battleground event, with their combined “salaries” coming in at under $25,000.

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You score points for certain things the wrestlers accomplish (including strikes with chairs and those frustrating two-count pins) — pick the best “team” of wrestlers for Battleground…and win. The scoring rules are:

> “Big Move”: 3 points – any clear big move (e.g., clothesline, jumping off the top rope, signature moves)

> “2 Count” Pin: 3 points – an attempted pin for 2 count = 3 points.

> Strikes: .5 points – including with weapons and foreign objects (ladders, chairs, etc.)

> Finishes and multiple finishes: “finish” = a 3 second pin, and is worth 50 points.

Full points are awarded for any pins to any opponents. For example, if a fighter pins his scheduled opponents AND an unscheduled opponent makes an appearance and they are pinned too (because why not), then that fighter receives points for both of the pins (2 x 50 = 100 points).

> Extra Opponents: All opponents — scheduled or unscheduled opponents (i.e., all ladder match opponents, girlfriends, managers or unscheduled wrestling rivals or other) count towards points — wrestlers receive points for stats generated anytime during the event’s broadcast, even if it’s from wrestling with multiple or unscheduled opponents.

Anyone can enter the FREE game by going to Kountermove, setting up an account, and choosing your wrestlers. For a thorough fantasy breakdown of Battleground, check out Gregg Sussman’s full-length preview. Then just sit back, watch Battleground on Sunday, and start to enjoy wrestling on an entirely new level.