American Snowboarder Hannah Teter’s 14 Sexiest Instagram Photos

  • Jake O'Donnell

The pride of Ludlow Vermont (or at least Okemo Mountain, if you’re from the Northeast). Hannah Teter is just 26 years old, and she’s already competed in the snowboard half-pipe of two Olympics — meaning Sochi will be her third (and most likely final run at gold). You’d think that, despite her obvious radiant sexiness, someone who wears multiple layers of heavy clothing in sub-freezing temperatures might not have as many risqué photos on her Instagram page as, say, a hurdler who wears next to nothing all the time.

Well, you’d be wrong — it appears as though Teter has learned to live harmoniously with the cold, and can endure the most inhospitable of conditions while wearing the most inexistent of swimwear. Or she lives in California and can run down from the slopes, snap a few bikini shots, and chairlift back up. Either way, a win for us. Here are the 14 sexiest photos from her Instagram account, in case you were in need of a horse in the race for the half-pipe competition on the 12th.