With One Second Left, High School Team Wins On Cartoonishly Long Hook And Ladder Kickoff Return

  • Jake O'Donnell

A&M Consolidated High School was down 41-38 to Copperas Cove HS with one second remaining. All they needed to do was make some sort of stop on the kickoff. What happened? They ended up doing this weird train dance, attempted an onside kick for some reason, then somehow managed to not lay a finger on a single ballcarrier (we counted two of em’.) What we also counted, was the nearly 40 seconds it took for the play to resolve, whereby A&M broke it up the sideline and, to quote the guy with the camera, “Oh my God.”

Runner up for Texas high school football play of the week: Mt. Pleasant WR K.D. Cannon catches deep one, holds on to it despite complete front flip. Ya, he’s going to Baylor next year…

Via Reddit