This Woman’s Failed BASE Jumping Attempt Is The Scariest Thing You’ll Watch All Day

  • Eric Goldschein

There isn’t much to say about this failed BASE jumping attempt except to let you know that the jumper, Maria Steinmayr, reportedly escaped unharmed. As you can see, it could have been much, much worse:

The original video has this description, translated from Portuguese:

The Austrian Maria Steinmayr, only female participant in the World Base Jump disputed in Benidorm, Spain, withdrew from the competition after wrapping up the parachute and escape unharmed from a fall of 160 meters.

I know BASE jumping is a rush, and it happens all over the world all the time mostly without incident, but I’ve never understood the point of jumping off a perfectly good building with a tarp strapped to your back. Ditto for perfectly good airplanes. Or perfectly good bridges. Adrenaline junkies of the world, please consider finding your fix elsewhere. Try home run ball diving, for instance.

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