Works Every Time: The Ol’ Volley The Ball To Yourself, Fall On The Ground, Sweep Your Leg Out And Score A Goal Technique

  • Eric Goldschein

Anybody who has ever played soccer knows how easy it is to receive a throw-in, volley the ball up into the air, fall down, do some kind of spinning-turn-kick towards the goal and stun five defenders (and the goalie) into simply watching your shot trickle into the net. For some reason we could never find any video evidence of this tried-and-true technique — until now. Walter Calderon shows us how it’s done. Thanks Walter! Now we have something to show the kids so they can practice at home.

Calderon plays for Deportivo Quito in Ecuador’s soccer league. By all apperances, he is the greatest soccer player of all time. Or at least in Ecuador, that day.

Is there a name for this move? We ignorant soccer gringos are forced to refer to this as “the volley to yourself fall down sweep kick” but surely there’s just one word that sums this up? Oh yeah: Golazo.