World Cup Notes: We're Going To Miss Chile Very Very Much

  • Rick Chandler

Chile’s World Cup team: gone, but not forgotten. This video of “journalist” Jhendelyn Nunez during Chile’s game with Brazil is sweeping the ‘nets … appropriately, it was a knockout game. When Chile scored the equalizing goal in regulation time, Nunez did what any seasoned journalist would do: she pulled up her top to reveal her bra. Hey, it’s how Barbara Walters started, right?

When tend to mock sideline reporters in the U.S., but, oh my. Next to this Erin Andrews is Water Cronkite. Hey, at least in other countries they’re honest about why these ladies are there.

Last week we had the porn star who was giving out free sex romps to fans each time that Chile won a game at the World Cup. Now this. So long Chile, we’ll miss you. A lot.