This Is The Worst Ski Jump Attempt Ever

  • Joe Levine

And by “ever,” I do mean “ever.” Pro, amateur, person trying to do it for the first time. This is the absolute worst.

First, a quick explanation of where things went wrong for Japan’s Daiki Ito, who was preparing for his final jump at the Okurayama-hill in Sapporo when things went horribly wrong.

Japanese Daiki Ito had a moment of shock before his final jump. Ito slipped off the bar and was sliding down the inrun. The Japenese didn’t suffer any injuries but was not allowed to jump again. So Ito, who was second after the first round, lost the chance to achieve a top result.

That explanation doesn’t even begin to explain how bad his attempt was, though. Take a look for yourself. You won’t be sorry:

Amazing. I’ve never even ski jumped before and I could probably do better than that.