Yep, This Is Pretty Much The Worst Own Goal Of All Time

  • Rick Chandler

Question I’m most often asked: how come no Moldovan soccer highlights? Well, here you go. It’s 18-year-old Radu Mitu, playing his first game in the net for Milsami-Ursidos, against Rapid Ghidighici. It’s just 10 minutes into the match when Radu is trying to clear the ball, and … d’oh! It’s even worse, considering his team lost 2-1.

But here’s an explanation from a YouTube commenter that we hadn’t considered:

Sam Van Eenoo 4 hours ago
The ball is broken and the gas that escapes blows the ball into the goal. Not his fault.. Doesn’t even count as a goal normally..

Well that’s perfectly logi … What, now?

MULDER: “It’s the gasses, Scully. The ball was broken and the gas that escaped blew the ball into the the goal.”

SCULLY: “As a scientist, I cannot accept that.”

MULDER: “Doesn’t even count as a goal normally.”