You Can Now Rent Rory McIlroy's Former Northern Ireland Mansion/Golf Course For $21,000 A Week (Slideshow)

  • Rick Chandler

Or more precisely, $20,977. The 14-acre property — a little retreat that McIlroy used to snuggle with then-fiance Caroline Wozniacki — has a nine-hole golf course, which was designed to emulate every tough hole player would ever have to face and incorporate a lot of different kinds of grasses. Plus you get to stay in the mansion, and there are lots of other extras (see below).

If you can’t afford all that and just want to practice some golf, it’s $160 for two hours ($75 for kids).

McIlroy sold the place — named Robinhall House — to developer Gary McCausland in October of 2013, when McIlroy moved to Florida. He still practices there when he’s in the country.


* Private lake.

* Tennis courts.

* Private 18-seat cinema.

* In-home chef.

* Helicopter and chauffeur service.

* On-site golf pro.

Belfast Telegraph:

Mr. McCausland said: “When I bought Robinhall House, it was originally as a private retreat for myself and my family but I’ve literally had hundreds of inquiries from all over the world from people wanting to come and use the facility.

“So, on the back of this huge demand, I’ve decided to make it exclusively available.”

Lucky You.

Let’s take the tour: