Your College Baseball Cheap Shot Of The Day

  • Glenn Davis

Been a cheap-shot-heavy few days. We’ve had them in basketball. We’ve had them in hockey. And now, we have one in a slightly less likely sport: baseball. “What, like an excessively rough slide at second base to break up a double play?” you ask. “That’s not so uncommon.” Well… not quite like that, no. This time, the baserunner was on the business end of things. And it was some ruthless (not to mention pointless) business. Yeah, it’s a couple days old now, but we couldn’t not share this ourselves:

Ruthless because, well, he just went up and took the guy out when he wasn’t even close to the plate. Pointless because he didn’t even have the ball. What’s more, he didn’t even look for the ball. Of course, even if he did have the ball, we have a feeling his method of “tagging” the runner might have been somewhat frowned upon? It’s just a hunch we have. Maybe there was previous acrimony that led to this moment, but even if so: not cool, pitcher (whose name is Levi Austin, apparently). At least the teams avoided an all-out brwl.