Your Favorite Twerking Surfer Did A Weird NY Fashion Mag Photo Spread

  • Rick Chandler

It’s called a John Varvatos plaid button-up shirt, but surfers don’t give in to the tyranny of garment-fastening devices. Here’s our favorite surfer, Anastasia Ashley, whom we met on Aug. 6 at the Surf Girl Pro competition in Oceanside, CA. Ashley was filmed doing a not unattractive warmup/twerk dance prior to one of her heats, and the moves apparently led to this: a fashion spread for Relapse Magazine.

I’m not sure how many female surfers are hanging out in Brooklyn dressed like this: my guess is zero. More Relapse photos below, plus some other various swimsuit shots.

Anyway, welcome to the 2014 ESPN The Magazine Body Issue, or the 2014 SI Swimsuit Issue, whichever gets there first.


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