You're Drafting Rashad Jennings Way Too Late

  • Jake Ciely, RotoExperts Senior Writer
rashad jennings

How can you not pick Rashad Jennings by the third round? Photo Credit: Roy Caratozzolo

If you’ve followed me at all since February, by now, you know a few things: Montee Ball is going to be a beast this year, I watch way too much scripted television, Doug Baldwin is vastly underrated, I’m wasting my talents and looks by still being single and Rashad Jennings is the most overlooked and disrespected running back for the 2014 Fantasy Football season.

I’m not sure what owners want and why they won’t consider Jennings in the second round and often even in the third round. What do you want from your Fantasy running back? A clear path to heavy touches. Check! A great all-around skill set. Check! Added pass-catching ability with breakaway speed. Check! An offense that will utilize him early and often. Check!

You want numbers to back that up? Okay. Fine. You got ’em!

Jennings checks in at 6’ 1”, 230 pounds and had a nice 4.59 40 back at the 2009 combine. The burst is still there, and even better, Jennings takes the hits and keeps on trucking. Last year, Jennings was the third-best running back in yards after contact* at 2.80. Only Chris Ivory (3.01) and Adrian Peterson (2.97) topped him, and Jennings has a great 2.73 mark for his career. And remember, that’s while playing behind some shaky offensive lines.

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In addition, Football Outsiders has two stats, DVOA (Defense-adjusted Value Over Average) and DYAR (Defense-adjust Yards Above Replacement). Both tell us how much better a player is versus the “average” option, and DYAR accounts for game situations and opponent strength. Jennings ranked fifth in DVOA and seventh in DYAR last year. That puts him in the same company as Marshawn Lynch and Matt Forte. Think about that for a second.

Okay, now that the scales have been pulled off your eyes, I figure why not let Jennings himself tell you why you should draft him… and it even includes some musical skills.

How can you not want to draft the man now?!

Not only can Jennings rock the guitar, he’s cool enough to beg for his own draft spot and even offered to DM the “Giants fan” on Twitter regularly. I used quotes because a real fan wouldn’t need convincing.

Jennings is a clear-cut RB2 with RB1 upside and more than worth one of your early picks. Owners are always looking for the next breakout player, well, look no further than the man from Liberty U. If you let him fall to someone else in your draft, you’ll be disappointed.