You’re Going To Hate Dustin Johnson After Scoping Out Paulina Gretzky’s Newest Instagram Photos

  • Eric Goldschein

Another month, another batch of Paulina Gretzky photos. Except this batch is a little different from the others, in that it’s very Dustin Johnson-heavy. You may remember that the Great One’s daughter is dating the PGA golfer, which is all well and good and old news. But the sheer number of photos of them together, not to mention the mentions of the word “love,” is previously unmatched to this point.

What does this mean? Well, your fantasies of somehow meeting and bedding and marrying Paulina Gretzky are somehow even more unlikely than ever. And your new object of irrational hatred is likely the guy who’s already in there, Johnson (LeBron deserves a break anyway). This dude is getting so much Paulina, even his brother Austin is getting screen time with her.

Why don’t you see what we mean? Like last time, we’ve included each photo’s creepiest Instagram comment, to help you feel less creepy and deranged.


All photos via Webstagram.