You’ve Got To Admire Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s Deft No-Look Pass To Opponent’s Face

  • Rick Chandler

The Faroe Islands get no respect. A tiny archipelago 180 miles from the nearest other inhabited land, they’re owned by Denmark, but actually govern themselves because who wants to go all the way out to the Faroe Islands every time something comes up? Their population is less than that of Hoboken, N.J., most of the country is covered with moss and lichen, and their main diet is puffin.

I’m sure this is why Swedish striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic thought he could get away with it when he threw a ball directly into the face of Faroe Islands keeper Gunnar Nielsen during their World Cup Qualifying match on Thursday. It was actually a brilliant no-look pass, as Ibrahimovic, engaging the referee in some sort of discussion, whipped the ball right into Nielsen’s puss, with no one (except Nielsen) being any the wiser. Sweden won. 2-0.

Later, Ibrahimovic explained his strategy.