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More Reaction To Lexi Thompson’s Bogus LPGA Loss Due To Busybody TV Viewer

  • Rick Chandler


OK, here’s a good rule for golf — the general public should not not be allowed to officiate an event, especially if they’re at home at the time.

Lexi Thompson lost the LPGA ANA Inspiration tournament when a TV viewer noticed an apparent infraction and emailed officials, who then penalized Thompson four strokes — an entire day later — costing her the title.

Another interested viewer, Tiger Woods, thinks that someone at home drinking beer with a straw, and possibly wearing only a barbecue apron, should not be officiating pro golf events.

After receiving the email, LPGA Tour rules official and annoying brat who reminds the teacher that she forgot to assign homework Sue Witters leveled the penalty, one day later.

“I can’t go to bed tonight knowing I let a rule slide,” Witters said. “It’s a hard thing to do, and it made me sick, to be honest with you.”

Yes, it made us sick as well. How about this, Sue? If you don’t catch a violation on the day it happens, it didn’t happen.

For her part, Thompson handled the entire thing with class. First she overcame the penalty to tie for first and force a playoff. Then when she eventually lost to So Yeon Ryu, who should frankly give the trophy back, she said it was a learning experience and “would try to do better next time.”

And the infraction? Thompson marked a shot with a silver dollar, then when she replaced the ball it was “in a slightly different position.” And no one would have noticed if that one viewer had opted to watch Antiques Roadshow instead. I hate golf.