Minor League Team Cancels ‘Hourglass Appreciation Night’ After Uproar

  • Rick Chandler


The Ogden Raptors, the Single-A affiliate of the Dodgers, have canceled Hourglass Appreciation Night, and it’s just as well because I’m not sure I even know what it was supposed to be.

According to the original Raptors press release below, baseball has no clock, and so it’s a … salute to clocks, by honoring women with hourglass figures at the ballpark? And … I give up.

But aside from being the season’s most half-baked promotion, I think most of us can agree that it was also the most sexist. Two days after the release went out on the Raptors web site, it was taken down, and the team offered an apology.

The Raptors claim that the release went out “prematurely,” and the promotion was never approved in the first place. But there seemed to be a lot of planning involved — they were going to have one “shapely” model per half-inning visit the broadcast booth for a game that was being live-streamed.

But social media did not approve in the least.

Possibly the worst part was the Raptors saying in their apology release that they would be “taking no calls about this”. What a bunch of cocktail wieners.