Oregon Militiamen Send Desperate Plea For Snacks: Internet Reacts With Hilarity

  • Rick Chandler

snackslobbyNot until now have I ever wondered, how in the world did we ever win our freedom from the yolk of British oppression without a large supply of hot pockets?

Today those armed militia members occupying a federal wildlife preserve in eastern Oregon have put out a desperate plea for snacks. And socks. And the internet is responding — mostly by mocking their ack of preparedness. Because it’s been, what, three days?

I’m not going too deeply into details here, but three of the militia group turned themselves in to authorities today over an arson case. Dozens more, however, are still occupying the remote outpost about 30 miles from Burn, Oregon, demanding rights for ranchers in the area.

It seems that the siege has not been well-planned, however, and the internet is laughing hysterically. Reddit users are planning to answer the call for snacks with glitter. Meanwhile …