Some LSU Students Want Their Mascot Tiger Banned Because It’s Racist

  • Rick Chandler


I was wondering when people would finally see the truth. Of course tigers are racist — give me the fair-minded, progressive lion any day. I can’t count the times that tigers have denied housing to black families, or complained that Trump’s border wall is taking too long.

And in Africa, did you know that 83 percent of all people killed by tigers are black? I read that on Breitbart.

So noting that tigers are so blatantly racist, someone identified as “LeMalori LSU” has started a petition entitled Change the Racist Mascot at LSU. Details:

These powerful white males choose the Tiger as a symbol to honor the confederate regiment called Louisiana’s Tigers. They were known for their propensity for violence on and off the battlefield. Robert E Lee gave them their name after admiring their performance on the battle field. … The pro confederate culture of LSU and Louisiana is also well known, and one need only drive down the road to see Confederate Battle Flags with LSU colors on it. We all know the mindset behind such displays.

It is incredibly insulting for any African American to have attended a school that honors Confederate militants. It is already hard enough to be black at LSU, to walk a campus where white fraternities dominate a racist culture.

Clearly a student of history, but not spelling or grammar …

I, too, want the tiger banned at LSU games — if it’s a real tiger. Wild animals should not be used as props, or kept in zoos, or available to maul me when I’m going to the loo. They should live their lives in the wild, free to eat frosted cereal and discriminate against giraffes.